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Our History

Since 1988, Vito Simone has been involved in the real estate market and home improvement community in a variety of roles, including real estate sales, building and renovating homes, and in various public policy roles to help make the home buying and building process better for Maryland consumers.

Vito obtained his first MHIC number in the mid 1990’s because of the need to be licensed when helping people find and evaluate contractors, design and review renovation plans, and help people make better decisions. At the same time, full scale renovations became the norm for his growing team of workers and subcontractors and then business exploded during the housing market boom of the 2000’s.

When the home buying and building market fell into a recession in 2008 and smaller real estate brokerages were being merged with larger companies, Vito’s renovation consulting business grew and 203k Services was formed to provide a full range of home renovation consulting. Soon thereafter, 203k Services became the premier provider of renovation consulting for people using the FHA 203k program, as well as the Fannie Mae HomeStyle financing program, to help people buy and renovate houses with one loan.

After over 1,000 successful renovation projects by his team, Vito founded Today’s Home Renovations as a licensed MHIC to build additions on existing homes, completely renovate houses, or help home owners with a variety of large and small home improvement projects.

In today’s real estate market, finding a team with the skills to understand property value, the experience with the construction process, and building on a budget and on time was a void that Today’s Home Renovations has now successfully filled, helping thousands of home owners and home buyers throughout the greater Maryland region. We are a committed team of professionals looking to provide flexibility and reasonableness to an otherwise complicated, confusing, and costly market in home renovations. Our effort is to be fair and reasonable and focus on customer needs, presenting great options and helping people make better decisions.

Our History

“Common sense, straight talk, and fair bargaining. After 30 years in business it is truly my pleasure and a real joy to bring light into your home with a successful home renovation project. I look forward to being your guide on that journey for you and your family.” – Vito Simone, Owner/Founder