Tips for Selling Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The 2020 pandemic has taken a toll on the economy already. However, optimism remains high for the real estate market as interest rates dip, sometimes below 3 percent. If you are planning on selling your home, there are few things stopping you. However, there are ways to make buyers feel safer and to protect your own family throughout the process.

Your realtor should be familiar with many tactics by now, but it’s always smart to know what options are available yourself. Things like video tours, virtual open houses, and offering protective equipment to those who insist on an in-person showing are all great ways to make it through the market in times of great uncertainty. Click below for more information on these and other ideas so that you can get your home ready to stage, show, and sell.

Before You Sell

Learn about how to find the right realtor and what you’ll need to know if you’re selling your home during the pandemic:

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Preparing and Staging Your Home for Sale

Preparing a home for sale during COVID-19 may be different, but staging is still an effective way to attract buyers:

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Protecting Yourself and Buyers

Once you’ve found a serious buyer, they’ll likely want to view the home in person. Here’s how you can keep everyone protected:

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Homes may not be moving as fast as they were earlier this year, but that does not mean your home won’t sell. You can increase your chances while maintaining safe social distance practices by following the links above. Good luck and happy selling!

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